Redesign Consultation

  • Redesigning a jewel is an art of restoring the charm and beauty of the valued ornament and at AUM we don't just recycle your jewellery but revive the memory attached to it. You don't have to discontinue wearing a piece of ornament just because it is no more in trend; rather you can restyle and redesign the jewellery to suit your current style statement.
  • At Aum, we focus on customizing the given ornament and accordingly redesign it to match your style and budget. Our artisans are skilled in redesigning and remodeling rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. We have the latest CAD and CAM technologies which help in delivering time and money efficient services to our clients.
  • If you are saving an heirloom gemstone or family diamond passed down to you by your ancestors and looking for budget-friendly and quality redesigning of the ornament.

You just have to go through three step redesigning process:

  • Consultation & Design Selection:

    During the initial phase of discussion and consultation we would like to know your personal choice in jewellery style and what your expectations from our services are; such as, what type of design and model will suit you.

  • Finalizing the Design:

    We use CAM/CAD technique as well as create 3-D model prior to producing the finalized remodeled jewellery. 3-D model technique will contribute in tailoring the measure and finalizing the adjustments within the given budget.

  • Production and Delivery of the Ornament:

    The last phase of redesigning process is production of the jewellery or ornament. Once our craftsman has completed the redesigning process, the completed piece of ornament will be inspected by our technical specialist for design, detailing and quality of the completed work. Lastly, we will contact you so that you can pick-up your valuable jewellery.

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