Customization of new designs

Monica's forte is to understand and cater to the requirements of clients. We at AUM forsee , predict and customise the style of jewellery appropriate to the occasion and personality of the client.

Any ornament or jewellery that we own has a unique story or special feel that connects us back to that reverie or memory when we first glanced at that piece of jewellery and wanted to purchase it and possess it forever. At Aum Monica Kapur, we come up with novel and unique ideas that suit your personal preferences. We enjoy and dedicate our time in creating meaningful and saccharine jewellery pieces that captures the essence of your personality. We aim to design, create and craft ornaments which would win hearts and captivate attention of yours and others as well.

We follow simple and flawless process for developing bespoke jewellery which includes your involvement as well, throughout the process of creating your endearing piece of jewellery which we call as a real "piece of art".

Meet & Consult:

During our consultation and discussion phase includes showcasing of several unique and mesmerising designs that would exactly fall in line with your vision of dream jewellery. I Monica Kapur would also assist you in finalising the design as per personality and for your very special chosen moment.

Customize & Design:

The second phase of the process is modeling the finalized design. Our craftsman will either carve a wax model of the selected design or create a Computer Aided Design (CAD). Before finalizing the customized piece or ornament, we will check for the final adjustments that are needed.

Create & Complete:

Once the proportions and adjustments are all confirmed, the bespoke jewellery model will go into production. As a result your desired piece of ornament will be casted in 18 carat or 14 carat gold, diamonds, gemstone and pearls etc to the perfection for your special moment, to make you feel a real empress.

Model is getting ready in copper

Final design is made in gold